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Girls on Rings

We went to Google’s Christmas party last night, and there were some interesting acrobatics on rings as part of the spectacle. Many Android engineers & their partners were shooting with their phones or digicams the girls directly, while I was pretty much the only one shooting their shadows, after pinning in my mind the mood/sensual piece below. I conceived the idea while eating sushi. I guess sushi is quite the aphrodisiac. 😉

The video was shot handheld with the Canon SD780 IS P&S digicam at 720/30p, with flat colors, and exposure locked at -1/3EV. It was then slowed-down’ed to 24p, and 50% of its frames were then thrown away (12 fps, lo-fi). The “Film Grain” and “Glow” Sony Vegas Platinum 11 plugins were used. It was just 15 minutes of footage overall, but it took 3+ hours of post-processing.

Update: I slightly re-edited the video, and changed the license to the more liberal CC-BY-NC 3.0 license. Re-download you had done so before.