Blog License

I have decided to re-license portions of my blog under a “Free” license.


“Me”, “My”, “I”, “Myself” means Eugenia Loli.
“You” means an individual or entity exercising rights under the Licenses mentioned below.


1. The actual blog posts’ text that I have written (not including quotes by other publications) is licensed under the Creative Commons “Attribution” 3.0 license.

2. The blog comments’ text that I have written (not including quotes by others) is licensed under the Creative Commons “Attribution” 3.0 license.

3. The blog comments written by people other than myself are owned by whoever posted them; I take no responsibility for them, and I claim no ownership over them. I do retain the right to remove them in whole or in part though if I find them offensive, or edit them for clarification (e.g. fixing a bad link).

4. Embedded videos, audio, or Flash applets are owned by whoever created them, and are governed by their respective licenses.

5. a. Pictures/images that are obviously not shot or created by me (e.g. PR shots of a product, celebrities etc), or that are already mentioned to be under a different license, are owned by whoever created them and are governed by their respective licenses.
b. Pictures or images that I did shoot/create but feature recognizable people, or recognizable trademarked products/logos, or artistic works (e.g. collage) are “all rights reserved” by me.
c. The rest of the pictures/images in the “Recipes” category, and all other eligible pictures/screenshots/images that I have obviously shot or created myself are under the Creative Commons “Attribution” 3.0 license.
d. If in doubt, send me an email. If I’m dead, or I don’t respond to your email within a week, use your best judgment.

6. Especially for blog articles that are obvious product reviews, you must also clearly mention the date of the original publication as shown below, if you are going to copy them away.

Important Notes

1. The Creative Commons “Attribution” 3.0 license’s legal code states that: “You must not distort, mutilate, modify or take other derogatory action in relation to the Work which would be prejudicial to the Original Author’s honor or reputation“. I plan to exercise this right in all the common sense ways, but also please note the following: for the articles that are obviously “tutorials” or “recipes”, feel free to do whatever you like with them (to the extent that the license allows). I encourage enrichment/corrections/etc on my tutorial/recipe articles. But for all the rest of my blog posts/comments, which most of the time represent personal opinions, you have all the rights that the license allows you, including translations, creating derivative works, and even grammar-fixing, BUT, you can’t change the meaning of my writings. Changing the meaning of my writings would be considered “distortion” by me.

2. Regarding this blog’s privacy: to the best of my knowledge, this blog never ran any ads, weird javascript, or other questionable software. However, the two third party statistics services I’ve used might (or might not) collect some information. Take it up with them (StatCounter in the past, and Stats currently).

3. The Creative Commons “Attribution” 3.0 license allows the licensor (me) to define the way he/she wants to be attributed. Here are my wishes:

Originally by Eugenia Loli
<a href=”original article LINK”>original article TITLE</a> [IF applicable]
Original publication date: [Publication date of the original article goes here] [IF you are using a video-related article]

4. My FTC 16 CFR Part 255 disclaimer, for those who need it.

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