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Grilling vegetables

I always had trouble with vegetables and fish in our patio’s small electrical grill. The fish would stick, and the vegetables had to be in a skewer or they’d scatter around. I’m actually a newbie on grilling, started only 2 years ago. Last week I saw this recipe over at the popular Kalyn’s Kitchen web site and I loved how her grilled veggies looked like. I was actually astonished to find out that there are special grillware pans to cook vegetables and fish like that.

I was ready to purchase one from Amazon, but in a shopping spree at our local Cost Plus World Market I found the perfect such dish: small-enough to fit in our grill (but big enough for three servings of veggies), and dirt cheap. So I bought it, and last night I cooked my first veggies on it. The veggies came out great, much better than in a skewer, because more of their surface would touch the hot bottom and get soften with a nice brown color. I served them with grilled pork chops, also marinated with parsley, lemon, lime, olive oil, mint, rosemary, sage, oregano and black pepper. Made some clafoutis too. Dinner was delicious.