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Seeing in color

Being born left-handed (but forced to write with my right hand by my teacher), a lot of the right side of my brain is active. Lots of daydreaming & imagination that is. I’m a very visual person, possibly the reason why I got into user interface design when I was in the UK, or filmmaking later.

One thing you probably don’t know about me is that I have a bit of synesthesia. When I’m dealing with numbers, I have to visualize them in order to understand them, and I see them with colors. This is how I see them:

0, 1 (white), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Notice how 3, 5, 7, and 9 are similar in color, all based on red. Constructions of these numbers retain their color. For example, 38 is both red and black in my mind. Sometimes one color overpowers the other, if one of two numbers is bigger. For example, I see the 38 number as a rectangle, and the blackness of the 8 might take about 75% of the rectangle’s surface, leaving only 25% for the 3’s red.

It’s similar as to how I also perceive music. I can get high with music without the need to take any drugs. When I hear relatively abstract music (e.g. chillwave), I can see images (that look like this), colors, even LSD-like patterns — I can dance among them in my mind. But the music has got to be right. I don’t get any of that when I listen to pop or rock, for example. It has got to be that kind of hipster music that most people find it inaccessible without having smoked something first. The advantage for me is that I don’t have to smoke or take anything. I just have to relax, and get adrift.

Some consider synesthesia a “condition”, but for me it’s a blessing.

Several stuff…

* So, after several try-outs in the last few months, we subscribed to RDIO for good this week. It’s a good service, but I’m having an issue for not having a lot of artists. They don’t carry Pitchfork-popular artists like Memory Tapes, Bibio, Teen Daze, Memoryhouse, Air France, Emeralds, Secret Cities, MillionYoung, Casa del Mirto, and they’re missing albums from Blackbird Blackbird, The Radio Dept. and others. It kind of pissing me off. I checked with MOG and they only lack Teen Daze, they have everyone else. MOG also has a bit better audio quality than RDIO. Unfortunately though, I have two problems with MOG, which made me go with my local RDIO (San Francisco-based). The first is multiple reports on Android’s comments/reviews that MOG keeps charging your credit card even after stopping the service, and the second is, their Android app still sucks. It’s too unstable. So RDIO it is for now. Let’s hope they’ll bring in more artists, and they will also add a remote control capability for their Roku app (through their mobile app). I don’t want to have the TV “on” just to listen to music, jeez. I made a playlist btw, for those who already use RDIO.

* Beautiful music and video (shot with the Canon 5D MkII). God, I love chillwave.

* Great episode last Monday for SGU, one of their best yet. However, it was too rushed. At 41 minutes (after removing 1.5 minutes of “previously on SGU…”, and credits), they told a story that lasted in their time about a week. And it felt extremely rushed. They spent a week with these new people and we saw nothing about the characters’ reactions. Or Eli/Wray feeling seriously marooned to the planet, probably lasted a grand total of 1 minute. All these problems could have gone away if the editors had 5 more minutes of material to fit in about 48 minutes. These days “one hour shows” last between 38 min and 43 minutes which is very little time in my opinion to say any serious story. I think something like 48 or 50 minutes of running time is much nicer. Kind of like in the HBO and ShowTime shows on cable. Additionally, commercials were the reason why I didn’t immerse into SGU until I re-watched it on Netflix.

* And while SGU will get no closure (I’m still hopeful on getting some novellas), the movie “The Transporter” with Jason Statham will be remade as a TV series. $4 mil per episode, for Christ’s sake. Four million dollars per one of these 43 minute episodes! And then there are others, who make true art, and they work with like, a $5k budget.

* Check Glenn’s blog for info about his experience shooting music videos with a P&S digicam.

* I’ve planted a new garden a few days ago, and most of them have come out: parsley, amaranth, dill, oregano, marjoram, basil. Let’s see what we’re going to get this year. My balcony doesn’t have enough sun, so I’m only cautiously optimistic about the results.