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This is how my movie would look like if I had $50 mil

Story would be something between Star Wars and Blade Runner, but this article is about the visual style more than the story itself. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but James Cameron’s renewed interest in 60fps, and Peter Jackson’s in 48fps, rejuvenated my own inspirations.

– Shot on a RED Epic at 5k (cropped at 4k in post). 3D optional (depends on budget).
– Shot in 60 fps, on or around 1/240 shutter speed. Tests would need to be done to determine the least amount of blur, without making the motion look jerky.
– Strong lighting, coupled with minimum motion blur making things look as in HDR. Visual shooting style like on a video game. Low contrast, but saturated, like The Fall. Costumes must be crystal-clear. CGI/grading must retain high dynamic range/detail, not that blur we usually get on today’s movies. It’s gotta be sharp and smooth baby.
– Visual style and costumes similar to Final Fantasy and Heise’s (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
– All faces would be smoothed out with CGI, to give it a semi-artificial look on the species (who would not be human). Not a similar technique to how Avatar was shot.
– Skeleton crew. My movie, my crew, my decisions. I care not about what the Studios’ wishes.
– Music from the last 3 albums of M83. Their “space classical” electronic music captures the feel of the worlds I want to create.
– I’d love to have a supporting cast consisting of Robert Carlyle, William Fichtner, and James Morrison. I ain’t no paying for big A-list names (unless the budget allows).
– In the worst case, the main cast would consist of young models that do know how to act (might take some time until we find the right candidates, but I’m sure there are gems out there waiting to be found).

Anyone can spare $50 mil or so? 😉