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The Recurring Dream

In all my years, I’ve had a single recurring dream. I have this same dream a few times a year.

I’m older. I’m in my father’s home in the mountainous, and difficult to reach, village. My father is living with me, but not my mother, my brother, or my husband. I’m working in my father’s vegetable garden — which feels like it’s our sole source of food.

Then, a flying object flies past the village. Sometimes I see this as an alien UFO, sometimes as an enemy combatant fighter jet. And I have the same thought each time: “They’re here, they reached this place too“.

Village under the mountain
Village under the mountain” by Quinn Dombrowski. Licensed under the CC-BY-SA 2.0.

From this point, the dreams drift to different storylines, sometimes with terrestrial enemies, and sometimes with extra-terrestrial ones. But that first part of the dream is always the same. It’s always the starting point. The general feeling I get from these dreams is that the world is in chaos, there is war, and my father’s village is the only place to hide, and live a hard, but peaceful life. Until they arrive there too…

A psychologist would say that the dream simply represents my fears about the modern world, and where I’d naturally go hide from it, or something to that effect. But it just feels so much more than that. It feels like a future to me, not just a scenario of my subconscious to just get me prepared in the case of an actual war. Paranoia or not, I’d like to think that there’s a place for me to hide. Makes me feel safer.