Who’s that fat cow on TV?

Last summer I was interviewed by the cable TV show “Visual Crunch” for the HIJK music video “Alibi” (the very first music video I directed, 2008). The show aired tonight, but I was a bit shy to let you know before I actually watched the show myself and see how I looked on it… Well, I looked as fat on it as I’m in real life, not much more, I think. Thankfully, my English panned out pretty well on (the HVX-200) camera too, another one of my fears.

I’d like the thank the band for their kind words though. Meant a lot to me. We’ve already discussed shooting a new music video for their new EP, so I hope we will be shooting soon!

If you’d like to watch the show, here are the re-runs of the specific episode #5. Our segment is on the second part of the show. Check out first if you have access to the MYX channel btw (Channel #368 on Comcast, I believe):

– Feb 19, Friday at 1730 PT/ 2030 ET and 2100PT/ midnight ET
– Feb 20, Saturday at 2000 PT/ 2300 ET
– Feb 22, Monday at 1200 PT/ 1500 ET


nzo wrote on February 20th, 2010 at 4:49 PM PST:

Not fat Eugenia. Wholesome! – like most of us in the western world.

My Anonymous wrote on February 23rd, 2010 at 7:46 PM PST:

Geeze… you look great! – such beautiful skin.

Enough with the modesty already.

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