Daily Twitter Update for 2009-10-06

  • Much congrats to Adobe for bringing Flash to major smartphone platforms and adding GPU accel to desktop as well. This is so cool for video. #
  • Apple is making fools of themselves for not working with Adobe on this. It just shows how stupid an otherwise innovative corporation can be. #
  • I think I am a bit sick tonight… Hopefully it's not flu. #
  • After years of searching, I found Greek-style crackers to eat with my Greek mountain tea with honey. Now the experience is complete. #
  • I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am going back to bed. #
  • I was going to get the MSI U200, but after the latest Flash news about accel, I want one w/ nvidia chip. Which means a Macbook or Latitude. #
  • The dropbox iPhone client can only upload pics because there isn't a usb/fat32 independent common file area. One of my iPhone gripes. #
  • Bought 20 Minute Hourglass' EP on iTunes. Local Bay Area band, very good sound. They have potential. @indiequick #
  • Damn you Aaron of Live105's Soundcheck. You're making me buy more music. Just bought the Band of Skulls album too. But, but, it was only $6. #
  • I can't stand "House MD" anymore. After 2 years of cast changes, the cast is back to the original one, like nothing happened. As for his… #
  • …addiction, it went away & came back. In other words, absolutely nothing has changed in the characters in the last 5 years. Terrible show. #
  • Received Premiere Elements 8 in the mail, will write review soon. Just for fun. #


Von Riesling wrote on October 6th, 2009 at 11:04 AM PST:

Who knows what the Apple/Adobe problem is concerning Flash. You blame Apple – and it might very well be their fault. Unless you have inside info, it’s impossible to tell.

It’s bad for both companies to behave like toddlers.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on October 6th, 2009 at 1:03 PM PST:

It is Apple’s fault. Apple has already talked against wanting Flash on the iPhone, and Adobe made it CLEAR in their FAQ that they want to create a browser plugin but Apple doesn’t want to help them (because it requires more APIs that what’s available to create such a plugin). So yes, it is 100% Apple’s fault I am afraid.

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