Archive for September 6th, 2009

Sausalito’s Waters

A few quick shots from Sausalito’s coast, overlooking San Fransisco. We stopped there after visiting Muir Woods this morning. Too bad SF was completely under the fog during shooting. It’s the second time that I go to Sausalito trying to get that shot with SF only partially in the quick-moving fog, but it has proven to be elusive so far.

The timelapses were all shot with the Canon SX200 IS digicam in video mode. Tilt-shift effect added in post. HD version, and download of the video here.

In the Color of the Sun

At last, a new video! I have missed the whole experience from start to finish. I shot the following within 20 minutes today. I shot it in 30p and then slowed it down 25%, and exported at 24p. HD version, and download of the video here.

I love how the shooting turned out, and how easily Canon SX200 IS’ footage can be color graded. It’s the most amazing sub-$500 HD digicam in the market right now. I even wrote a review for it, read it if you are interested in a P&S camera with usable footage.

I love the shot at 1:15. I was just shooting that flower, and that girl just walked into the frame out of nowhere, dancing! It’s one of the best shots I have ever shot — even if it was captured by accident. 😉