A sci-fi kid like me

I can’t stand country music. However, I like Blitzen Trapper, a lot. The “Trappas” sound country at first listen, but they are not exactly it. They are somewhere between ’70s folk, country, americana, bluegrass, and rock all mixed together. There’s even a bit of electronic in there! They are known as the band that can’t be placed musically in any genre. And yet, I would never consider their music and give them a fair chance if it wasn’t for a single song that I happened to stumble upon about two years ago: Sci-Fi Kid (legal download).

The song somehow strikes a cord with me as I am a huge fan of science fiction (although the lyrics also feel like it’s all about drugs). It represents the more alternative rock side of BT (which I prefer). I wish I could direct the music video for that song.

Sugar’s got a space ship tripping over dusty stars
Keen cars, living large, playing big guitars
Hackin’ in, making holes, and it’s not so hard
It’s just a extra part in a kid like me
A Sci-fi kid like me

Since that song, I purchased most of their music, and I enjoy most of it. I still can’t easily get used to the songs that use the banjo and the harmonica, but overall, I love most of their tracks. And of course, having such a weirdo, multiple-personality (musically) guy as a front man, helps. He has peaked up my curiosity.

Watch below their biggest hit so far, the music video for “Furr”, and download one of my favorite songs of theirs, the rare “Crushing the wheat”.


memson wrote on June 6th, 2009 at 7:16 AM PST:

Eugenia, this is neo folk. A little like Beth Orton or Jose Gonzalez, but leaning more towards the Mouldy Peaches and Folk Implosion (and some of Lou Barlow’s solo work.) it’s lo-fi music (e.g. Sebadoh and Pavement), but it has a more Bob Dylan/Leonard Cohen feel to it.

What it is NOT is Country.

Very nice music though, so thanks for introducing it to me 😉

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on June 6th, 2009 at 9:38 AM PST:

Memson, some of their songs are country. Especially their older ones. Their new album, coming out next year, will be more hard rock (they said). Preview their songs on iTunes from their two last albums, you will see that they play a lot of different styles.

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