Random Stuff, Part 30

* I have much trouble with our current health insurance. They won’t make it easy for anyone, but I won’t give up fighting for what’s right.

* So, Skype for the iPhone. Too bad that Apple doesn’t allow background applications. It makes IM and VoIP completely and utterly useless.

* And speaking of mobile apps. Why the heck 2/3s of all apps are games? Jeez!

* Looking at iTunes’ top-100 songs and alt.rock songs, it looks pretty evident that alt.rock is pretty dead. It seems that it’s high times were between 1990 and 2005. Since then many alt.rock radio stations have closed down (especially in NY), and the good songs are far and between. On iTunes’ top 100 alt.rock chart, 2/3s of the songs are all old! I still remember LIVE 105 back in 2002-3 playing back some really amazing new songs. These days most of the alt.rock hits are mostly rehashes of older styles. However, I also noticed something else. Looking at the iTunes’ most popular songs of today, most of these songs, even the hip-hop ones, have brushes of alt.rock in them! They are not straight pop anymore, they have something that feels “alternative” to them. So basically, it seems that alt.rock didn’t come to conquer as a genre all in itself, but to leave its unique fingerprint in the popular music of tomorrow.

* Best song in the new Franz Ferdinand album is “Send Him Away”. Really addictive guitar riff.

* [Rest of the post removed — I was being mean for no good reason. I should always have a good reason to be mean to others.]

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