The mother of all shows: LOST

I am such a “Lost” cheerleader, am I not? Sorry, I can’t help it. Best show of all times! The only piece of art that carries me away.

Adam wrote a very to-the-point review of “Heroes”, which I agree completely. A few moments later, I stumbled upon the following video, a brand new ABC promo for “Lost”. And damn did it bump my adrenaline to the max!

I can’t wait for season 5 to start in January!

< spoilers >
* In this season we will see Radzinsky, the guy who was there before Desmond in the hatch. The guy was only referenced once 2.5 years ago in the show, and here we are, he’s got a major guest role this season!
* How are we going to see him, you ask, as he’s dead? (for those who pay attention to “Lost” the way they should, Radzinsky committed suicide). Well, the island moved in both space and time, and our losties left-behinders will join the Dharma Initiative! In the past!
* You gotta see the leaked pictures with Sawyer in a Dharma suit! “Head of security” no less! And with a pseudonym! It seems that while Sawyer’s role was down-graded in the last season, he becomes the defacto leader of the left-behinders in this season.
* A part of the Oceanic 6 will make it back to the island, joining the left-behinders in the Dharma era. All this will happen before we reach the half of this season.
< /spoilers >

Writing the above it also just occurred to me that translating “Lost” to other languages via dubbing doesn’t work well (e.g. as they do in France), because the show has such subtle references to things, or carefully done sentences that hint things that will happen 30 episodes later, that the people who do the translation can’t possibly know (as they are not part of the writing team of “Lost”). So if you are watching “Lost” via dubbing, stop doing so now, buy the DVDs, and watch the show in English, or you will lose part of what it is “Lost”: the puzzle references and hints. That’s where the whole beauty of “Lost” is. Not in a dry, funny-sounded, dubbing.

Gosh, I hate dubbing more than ironing clothes.

UPDATE: Listen to the embedded promo video above, at the very beginning, mark 00′:02″. You will hear a voice (presumably Locke’s voice) saying something non-understandable. Now, if you reverse the audio at that point, you will hear instead “Am I… when?”. And this is my whole point about “Lost”: even their god damn ads include hints and puzzles to keep people busy decrypting & theorizing. As I said before, “Lost” is the ultimate geek/nerd TV show, if you don’t watch it, you are the one who misses out!

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