Lost and Twin Peaks

If you read any serious analysis of “Lost” around, you will find it getting compared to “Twin Peaks” all the time. The two shows are of course very similar in many ways, but we didn’t have official confirmation about “Lost” being artistically the natural continuation of “Twin Peaks”, until now. Damon Lindelof, one of the two geniuses behind “Lost”, said recently:

“The show that REALLY affected me, however, was TWIN PEAKS, which I’d watch every week with my dad. He’d tape the show on his VCR (remember those?) and we’d watch the episode AGAIN right after it aired in our quest to pull every last clue out of the show. The idea of a TV Show being a mystery and a game that spawned hundreds of theories obviously was a major precedent (that’s a fancy way of saying we ripped it off) for LOST.”

I am very happy how Damon has evolved the whole idea behind “Twin Peaks” (my review) to something so much better, like “Lost” is. Here’s hope that someone in the future will evolve “Lost” itself to a step beyond it too.

In the same interview, the two writers also say that they won’t be revisiting Libby’s story (to the dismay of many fans online), and that seasons 1 and 2 won’t get released in Blu-Ray individually — which of course pisses me off, as I would need to buy a final boxset to get these two seasons in BD, even if I would already own all the seasons by then. Very unfair for us loyal customers.

Elsewhere, the first sneak peek of Lost’s new episode in January was released too. Not a major spoiler, don’t worry.

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