New Fall TV Shows: The Review

I blogged about the new sci-fi/fantasy shows of the season a few weeks ago. Now that the fall season series have all being aired, here’s a quick review of each — to save you some TV evaluation time.

* Fringe.
Boring. I can’t pinpoint why, it’s just badly structured. It feels stupid at times. The background story just doesn’t make sense, I care not for the heroes. The episode with the bald man was interesting, then it fell back to obscurity again. Rating: 6/10

* Crusoe.
This is one show that it’s bound to become repetitive fast. Crusoe could be an interesting mini-series, it looks fabulous, but it doesn’t have the durability and flexibility of being interesting every single week. Rating: 6/10

* Life on Mars.
The most engaging series of the new season. It’s just cooler than the rest. It has more mystery and action too. Not perfect, but promising. The Brits had the right idea here. Rating: 7/10

* Eleventh Hour.
The worst of the new series. This is crap, crap, crap. Just bad. It’s just, I don’t know, it feels like an ’80s series. I was really unhappy to see that it does well in the ratings while “Life on Mars”, airing at the same time, dipped. It just shows how shallow viewers are. Look, it ain’t THAT terrible in absolute value, but it has nothing to hook me. There is no background story, it’s just individual episodes where we learn nothing about the main two characters. And there are only two recurring characters. I’d say that this series feels like “scifi for old people”. Rating: 3/10

* Knight Rider.
Oh, come on. Suckiness reached a new level. Rating: 4/10

* The Mentalist.
It’s just a cheap detective series, a’la “Life” and “Psyche”, but while it really doesn’t break any new ground, is well done for what it is. It airs at the same time as Fringe, and it has kicked its ass in the ratings so far. For a geek, it is a very mediocre series, but for old people who like CSI and the like, this is actually a breath of fresh air for them, a breath that can actually take without feeling lost. Rating: 5/10

* My Own Worst Enemy.
One of the worst. It’s just badly made. There’s nothing else to say here. It sucked. I feel bad for Christian Slater who tried to revitalize his career with this. Rating: 4/10

* Sanctuary
Oh boy. I hate to sound like a bitch to its producer Damian Kindler, as he was kind to let me interview him in the past. But I just can’t lie either. I hate its dark look, I hate its non-realistic computer generated backgrounds. I mean, honestly, is it cheaper to pay 3D artists to model a drawer rather than ask the studio to buy a real one? I really don’t like the premise of the series either, it just feels like a “monster in the closet” bedtime story. Just not my cup of tea. Rating: 4/10

* The remaining shows, “Kings” and “Dollhouse”, will be aired after January 2009. I will revisit them then.

The conclusion is that this is probably the first TV year where absolutely none of the new TV series are actually great. Last year was bad too, but “Pushing Daisies” kinda saved the day (although the series is really suffering right now in the ratings).

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