Security and everything else

When all my data are moved to our new Vista PC (which will only be used for video/graphics and not for daily casual usage), I will be in the process of re-formatting my current P4 3Ghz PC and use it again as my daily computer. However, I am not sure if I want to go with Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux. Windows XP behaves and performs better than Linux (at least, I like it better), but the vast malware list for Windows is a problem. I use two anti-spyware, one anti-virus, and NoScript on my browser, but I still don’t feel safe. While Windows is full of malware, it also has a lot of anti-malware apps available for it — updating their DB daily. Linux only has one anti-malware solution, and it doesn’t update very often. Saying that no one tries to exploit the kernel or the browser on Linux is naive. So what do I do? Come face to face and fight the malware, or go to a platform with fewer malware but no tools in case you need them?

Tough call. Especially because even if Linux sounds like a slightly better choice, Windows XP wins in desktop performance and application support (I need a speedy Flash, and Flash under Linux sucks donkey balls).

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