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Apparently, some employees want to sue Apple for not offering pays for overtime. I think that this lawsuit was long overdue. Living in the Silicon Valley, we have a number of friends who work at Apple (mostly in the iPod, iPhone and OSX kernel divisions), and who were worked to death. I know people who would work every weekend and who would check out their cellphone every 10 minutes when they are out just in case there’s a work emergency. Sure, in the Valley, every company requires its engineers to work extra, and to over-care about the product, and to work even more extra around release dates, but the Apple situation was worse than in most Valley companies. I heard someone even saying once about Apple “burning out its engineers by working them to death for 2 years and then hiring new blood immediately after, doing the same thing to them too”.

Sorry, but Apple deserves the heat in this situation. That’s my personal opinion.

Some like it hot, some don’t

A lot of heat here in Greece. I never liked humidity and heat, it just doesn’t let me sleep much. Other than that, everything is good. So far. See you later.

Just to say hi

Hello everyone from France! We have a great time here. Just so you know, my internet access is limited while on vacations.