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Fantasy, Pseudo-Science, and Sci-Fi

Note: The following is a minor “Lost” spoiler, that it might even be a foiler.

The “Lost” writers always give a codename to their season finales, and this year’s they said that it’s called “The Donkey Frozen Wheel”.

Additionally, the same person who spoiled last year’s “Lost” season finale to the forums is back with information about this season’s upcoming finale. So, if this person is to be believed, the finale will actually be featuring an actual “frozen wheel” that will “move” the island.

Now, that’s where I have a problem with the whole thing (if this spoiler is true). A “wheel” can’t move shit, let alone an island. No matter how “cool-looking” they might have wanted to make Lost’s finale look, they should not expect us to buy the argument that some sort of actual “wheel” does anything spectacular.

I would not have had any problem if they would show something that resembles a particle accelerator, or anything that’s science-like, to present to us their sci-fi vision. Using pseudo-science to present science fiction works for me because it makes it more realistic, even if the spectacular aspect might not be there. But “frozen wheels”? What are we, 10 year olds?

As I wrote to a forum that I know that the writers do read: “what’s next? The Smurfs will get to the island?”