RE: Geek survey repost

Stormrider challenges me with the following survey:

* How many years do you use a computer for?
About 16.

* Are you a newbie, casual user, power user, master, umber, jedi?

* What’s your main computer?
A Dell Hyperthreaded 3.06 Ghz P4.

* Do you put together your own PCs?
I used to, but I don’t bother anymore. I buy them ready.

* Have you ever broken a computer because of your anger?

* What browser are you using?
Firefox on the PC, Safari on the Mac.

* What media player are you using?
WinAMP and iTunes.

* What mail client are you using?
The shit called Windows Live Mail.

* What IM client are you using?
Trillian and Adium.

* Do you run add-ons?

* What anti-virus do you run?
AVG Free Edition.

* Favorite software
Outlook Express is not the most secure software, but it’s solid as a rock.

* Favorite software house:

* Most hated software house:
Electronic Arts

* Favorite hardware company:

* Most hated hardware company:
Anything cheapo Asian, including HTC.

* Favorite geek PC usage:
None anymore.

* Dream-machine?
The fastest PC you can find to edit AVCHD in real time.

* Was your first video you saw on a PC porn?

* Do you modify other people’s PCs when you use them?
Ah yeah, I need to “fix” things.

* Anything embarrassing in your Trash Bin?
Not much.

* Do you spend useless time opening/closing windows in your OS?

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