RTFM and then Google it

Before asking a basic question about video editing or camera usage on a forum, or via email, first read the fucking manual. If your answer is not there, then google your problem. And if you are getting nowhere, then, and only then, email others or post on a forum. Have respect for other people’s time by doing your homework first.

This is not to say that I don’t enjoy helping people regarding video (actually, this is my primary “job” lately), but when I repeatedly get silly super-basic questions that are covered in the manual, or questions that are SO specific that if you try it by yourself you will find the answer more easily than I would, it’s just disheartening.

I can manage with video editing and encoding techniques and various utilities because I researched and experimented all night long, not because I was born with the knowledge. The least you could do is to at least read the manual.

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