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James Morrison used to be pretty hot 10-15 years ago. I am watching “Space: Above and Beyond” through Netflix these days and he plays the “InVitro” Lt. Col. McQueen. In the series, InVitros are not exactly human. And I have a soft spot for non-humans. 😉

Lost’s writers spank Heroes writers’ asses

Carlton Cuse says: We want people to believe in the stakes of the show. The problem with alternative realities is that you never know when the rug is going to be pulled out from under you. We want the audience to believe that the jeopardy is real. Postulating alternative realities would be an escape valve that would be damaging that as a narrative value.

Damon Lindelof says: We’re not going to tell you that we’re against bending the time/space continuum. We are very for it. Carlton and I are PRO time-space continuum bending! But we’re ANTI-paradox. Paradox creates issues. In Heroes, Masi Oka’s character travels back from the future to say, ”You must prevent New York from being destroyed.” But if they prevent New York from being destroyed, Masi Oka can never travel back from the future to warn you, because Future Hiro no longer exists. Right? So when we start having those conversations at Lost, we go, ”This show is already confusing enough as it is.” To actually have characters traveling through time has to be handled very deftly.

Take that “Heroes” writers and your stupid plotlines! This is why I love “Lost”. Within all its impossible sci-fi plot, it feels real, it feels factual. I am THERE, each time I watch it.

Taboos on a religiously uptight America

Oh, come on. $1.4 mil fine for showing on TV a woman’s bottom. What the hell is the big deal about it? Why should we be ashamed of our bodies and think of these parts as unethical or shocking? I don’t find them shocking. I just find them better looking and thinner than mine.

Just 15 years ago David Caruso flashed his ass on primetime national TV, and no one got fined. Here’s the irony about it: ABC is fined because of this scene on a 2003 “NYPD:Blue” episode. The picture I link above with Caruso’s ass, is ALSO from “NYPD:Blue”, from a 1993 episode. And yet, no one got fined back then.

If this country doesn’t go backwards about this whole nudity thing, I don’t know what is.