Archive for January 27th, 2008

Jolie’s dress

I don’t give a fuck about clothes (I am in pajamas most of the time), but damn, this dress looks so good. JBQ agreed too.

Our updated living room

JBQ felt like rebuilding our living room today.

He placed most of my sheep dolls on the top of the shelf (only my three really big sheep dolls didn’t fit), removed my John Locke, Star Wars and X-Men action figures (whouaaaa…), and finally rewired our A/V system to get 5.1 surround sound from all our devices (including the PS3, HD-DVD and the cable box). We use a cheap A/V selector, and the Wii is the only device connected directly to the TV.

He also re-did the cabling under the carpet for the speakers located behind us, and changed our Ethernet hub’s position. Lots of cabling as you can see. Can’t wait to get a TV that actually has HDMI support so we can get rid of the 3x*6=18 component cables.