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Rugs from plastic bags

I just read on Digg about Ugandans creating baskets out of plastic bags. While this might be a new thing to Westerners, it’s not new to me. When I was a kid my mother would get plastic bags, cut them in very thin strips and then she would knit rugs out of them. They served us very well as door mats. Each one would have a life time of about 3 months, but they are really fast to knit (about 1-2 days). When I saw that picture on the article, a kind of nostalgia of my childhood emerged (yes, we were poor).

iTunes, iTunes, iTunes…

While I have been using iTunes to sync my iPod and encode mp3s for years now, I was not extensively using it as a media player. Winamp had this role, until last week. As I wrote the other day, I finally put together my indie rock collection of 9 GBs, and I spent 3 days finding artwork and fixing meta-tags.

So when all was done, I needed to enjoy the whole thing. So I started playing the music, sorted by artist. At the end of the day, I turned off iTunes, put my PC to sleep and went to bed. The next day, I open again iTunes to continue listening to my music in order, but I was greeted by a negative surprise: iTunes doesn’t “remember” which song was the one last played. It loads the song library again from the beginning!

This was a big surprise to me, because simply, the iPod does remember when you put it on stand-by. Given the fact that iTunes doesn’t have a stand-by mode, and I don’t want it to eat all this RAM at all times (hey, sometimes I need lots of RAM for my video projects and so I need to conserve as much as I can), I need iTunes to remember. But it doesn’t…

Update: Finally, my iPhone review is up.

Is Verizon unethical?

Have you actually seen some of these Verizon commercials on TV? One of them deals with a dad who lies to his family and keeps the best for himself, while another deals with drug dealers who want good coverage on places that police won’t reach them. That’s just on top of my head but I know that I have been growing a dislike on Verizon because of their commercials alone in the past year or so.

The trouble with Leopard…

…is that it has the same problem as Vista: their predecessors were good enough! I read through the feature list and there’s nothing that truly excites me to the point of wanting to buy the upgrade, let alone actually going through the upgrade process. Tiger works well for me, and Panther works well for my husband’s photography needs. I mean, sure, it would be nice to have spaces, stacks and the like, but I just don’t see them as must-haves. I am old school anyway.

In my opinion, just like Microsoft reached a sort of nirvana with XP PRO SP2, the same way Apple reached that with Tiger. I still run XP PRO on my desktop and I have no plans to upgrade to Vista. And same probably goes for my G4 Powerbook and Tiger.

The only operating system that I am looking forward for updates and new features that satisfy me, is Linux.