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Slow day…

I guess you could say that I had a lot of free time on my hands waiting for that HD encoding to finish today… Click for a larger view.

Getting a pet

Conversation between JBQ and myself, some time ago:

Eugenia: Sweetie, I’d like a pet.
JBQ: Hrm, what do you have in mind?
Eugenia: A bird possibly.
JBQ: Okay… which one exactly?
Eugenia (showing pic on laptop): I was mostly thinking of this one.

iPhone hackers: freaking MORONS

And so had a new version. It asked me to update it. I went with it. I restarted the springboard and the fucking app is not listed there anymore! Yes, it is installed, but the four icon positions at the bottom of the iPhone are occupied by other third party apps now, including a fucking launcher utility that does not include in it. Basically, to get to launch I need to remove apps from the iPhone so it moves up the icon hierarchy. But without I can’t remove anything anyway. It’s the chicken and the egg problem.

The only useful app I have installed on the iPhone is a Terminal, so if anyone knows how to either edit .plist to bring up the ladder, or how to actually launch the damn thing from the terminal, it would be great. And no, I am not interested in the Summerboard, so don’t suggest it. I am ok with additional third party software but I do not trust software that actually modifies/replaces important and existing pieces of a given system.

Interview with “Rantings of Eva”

I contacted and interviewed the ‘Rantings of Eva‘, more precisely their guitarist Dusty Watts. An excerpt: “The record business is a complete and total nightmare these days. The dark ages for labels if you will. […] Those guys are losing money and are seemingly pretty freaked out by it.” Check the interview here.

Update: Another local group to “Rantings of Eva”, who have performed together, the Novah, has put up all their songs for free download. Get them from their “media/audio” section.

Introducing Shauncho

I visited the Drist on Saturday during recording, and shot another video of the band. This time the fourth member of the band was present too, Shauncho, so we got to shoot an interview. As a bonus, the band sent me samples of two songs from their upcoming album, which are heard on the video.

I am looking for feedback again, like I did for the first interview video I shot and edited two months ago. I think I did much better this time (ignoring the wind sound on the microphone during the interview, couldn’t do much about it with that cheap mic).