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Stand your ground, now!

How passion nearly destroyed me

I am a romantic person. I believe in one, true love. However, while now I have found just that, there was a time when I thought I did, but I wasn’t really. Here’s the story:

The time was 1991. The place was Corfu, Greece, I was 18, and I was studying there to become a nurse (which was something I didn’t want to do, but my mother forced me to). One Friday night, while out on a club with some fellow nurses, I was introduced to Costas. That was the first and last time I felt this: an electric current went through my whole body when I first laid eyes on him. I am not shitting you. It was really like an electric current, for a few seconds my brain stopped working.

I fell for him really hard. But here’s the kicker: he didn’t give a shit about me. He in fact made fun of me. But life is fair some times: he was in love with the ex-girlfriend of Teo, my friend’s current boyfriend. See how it goes? I liked Costas, he liked Maria, Maria liked Teo, Teo liked Soula. So the only people who did want and had each other were Soula and Teo. But even that ‘love’ didn’t last long for them anyway. I felt that we were all cursed. Nobody was happy.

Point is, love is not the same as infatuation or passion. And when you are 18 years old, you can’t make assessments (like I did) that a person is the “one”. When you are infatuated, you can’t think straight. A few months later I hated being in Corfu so much, partly because of him and partly because of the shitty nursing thing, that I got engaged to the first person who asked to marry me back home (he wasn’t my boyfriend, he just wanted to marry before his dad dies from cancer — go figure).

Needless to say, I fell from one pit hole to another. We moved to Germany, where I was forced to work as a cleaner. 10 months later our engagement broke up (thank his family for that), my own family was in pieces because of that too (old-fashioned father you see), and I was struggling to put myself and my life together. At the end, I found the one (my JBQ), but it was not for another 10 years, and not without going some seriously rough times: I was abroad (in UK), I was broke, and I was all alone. But that’s another story, for another time.