Motorola to join Sony Ericsson in ownership of UIQ

Sony Ericsson and Motorola, Inc. have announced a definitive agreement under which Motorola will acquire a 50% interest in UI Holdings BV, the parent company of UIQ Technology AB, which is currently wholly owned by Sony Ericsson. Under the agreement, Motorola and Sony Ericsson will work together and jointly invest in the development of the UIQ open user interface platform.

And this is the official death knell of Motorola. Not because UIQ is a bad platform (actually it is, but that’s not the point), but because Motorola simply doesn’t have a fucking clue of what it wants. They see that the “smartphone future” is the actual future, but they open 100 doors and follow all of them, spreading money, resources and creating consumer confusion instead of picking one technology, sticking with it, and properly develop it instead of fucking around with zero enhancements (like their Linux phones for example).

They announced two different paths with Linux and now they open a new one with UIQ. This is clearly a company WITHOUT A PLAN. This company has nothing to do with Nokia and their S60, or Apple and their iPhone, or even HTC and Windows Mobile. They just throw the net and are hoping for a good fishing day. But one day their money and luck will run out.

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