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The Void

Amazing electro-ambient song from Michal “Mirrored” Cielecki. Download “The Void” the free mp3 from here (legal).

Update: I just discovered Midlake. This and this songs of theirs are amazing. In fact, if I could just express what kind of music actually represents me, this style is exactly it. A modern twist to FleetwoodMac-like music from the ’70s. Or something.

35mm adapter

I want one… So my HV20 footage looks like this, instead of like this. But getting a good one costs $700+lenses (sample footage). Building one from scratch is not easy, and it costs almost as much anyway. Ah… I hope Canon comes up with something like this soon.

Shopping bags

In most European countries, customers of grocery stores are encouraged, if not required, to put their groceries on bags instead of having the employees of the store do it for them. In USA (or just in California?), this is not so. Customers just sit around like cows, and the employees both parse the items in the scanner and fill up the shopping bags. I mean, sure, if they don’t have much work you can let them do it all, but if you can see a fucking queue of 2 kilometers on the back, why not help out with your own bagging?

I always take care of my own groceries with bagging at Safeway or Trader Joe’s btw. It’s just stupid to not to. “This is their job, let them do it” excuse does not make sense to me in this case. Why not help out? Not only you help the employee, but also you help your co-shoppers and you help yourself too by finishing up faster.

Today at Trader Joe’s there was this young woman ahead of us. Instead of doing some bagging to help the running-like-crazy employee, she instead opened her purse, took out her lipstick, and she passed it over her fucking lips. What a waste of human flesh.

Misc stuff

* OSNews is down. No idea what’s wrong. Possibly a DoS attack. I emailed our admin. Update: Apparently mysql crashes. Our admin restarted the server, but now it’s down again.
* Vincent, my brother in law, is visiting from France. I hope he will have a good time during his stay here.
* I have made $2.28 in four months from my Revver videos. Not that I want or need ad money of course, but video sharing earnings are obviously not much, not even for videos that are viewed a million times.
* Quite some shit in the political scene right now. Too many things are going on, most of them bad… I stopped caring.
* An interesting article on robot-human relations. However, there can’t be a “relationship” if the robots do look human, but their AI stays as crappy as it is today.
* We are going to the Apple Store later today to check the new iPods. Need to buy some DV tapes at Frys too.
* “Study finds that people are programmed to love chocolate”. I blame the bacteria too.