Outputting 60fps from Vegas

NTSC HDV is 60 fields and 60 or 30 frames. However, most applications only endorse editing and exporting in 30fps. Here’s how I managed to export a full 60fps progressive WMV file via Vegas:

Set the Project Properties to “Progressive Scan”, “Best” rendering quality, “Blend Fields” de-interlace method and 59.9400 frame rate. Pull the clip to the timeline and do your editing as usual (although previewing will be slower).

When your final cut is done, export (let’s say, in WMV) by selecting the 720/30p WMV template. Click the “Custom” button. Select “Best” as the rendering quality. On the Video tab select as frame rate the 59.94 option. On the bitrate tab select 8 Mbps and then render out (it will take quite some time to finish rendering).

Previewing the resulted WMV 60fps video (on a very fast machine), it will playback smooth as butter. To make sure that no duplicated frames are there, load the resulted WMV back to the same Vegas project, pull it in the timeline, and by using ALT+arrow-keys move frame by frame to make sure that no duplicates are there.

It should be possible to do the same for MP4 h.264 video too, so this way you can burn a 720/60p Blu-Ray disc as this high-frame rate format is part of the BD standard. 1080/60p is not a standard yet although it will be in a few years.

Some results for your viewing pleasure:
Non-smooth 30fps: video.
Smoother 30fps after disabling “resampling” on the clip’s properties: video.
Smooth, true 60fps: video.

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