Archive for August 27th, 2007

I am moving my blog

And so I moved my blog to the following address, please bookmark the new location:

Special thanks to Adam Scheinberg for doing all this hard work fetching and moving over the data to WordPress v2.22, and to David Adams & Jon Jensen for letting me use their servers. I am very happy with the result. The only things that doesn’t work on my new blog is the Referrers support that WordPress 1.5.1 used to have (for some reason they removed it in the 2.x version), and during the moving process I “lost” about 250 comments out of 3700. Actually, all comments are in the DB, it’s just that 250 of them are not “attached” to the proper blog post (long, technical story, I can elaborate if you want). So, if you need to comment in the recent stories, please do so in the new server.

The reason I am moving over to a more “manageable” server is because Blogsome started deleting some blogs lately on a whim and they offer no standard export support. I am grateful for their service so far, but I need more assurances because as you know, I write *a lot*.

I hope the Blogsome admins don’t delete this blog immediately, as it gets over 1000 page views daily. I have added their ad code so hopefully it will give something back to them for a few more months.

Update: Comments will be awaiting moderation before they go live. There is a bug on WordPress 2.2.x and PHP5 that no matter how wordpress is configured, it will send comments to moderation. God damn it, I hate software. 🙁

Update 2: Comments are fixed. Found a workaround.