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iMovie ‘08, Part II

Remember my rant the other day about how bad iMovie ‘08 is in terms of features? Read the comments that people added over the last few days (”imovie ‘08 sucks” is the No1 google search that I get on my blog stats). The Apple iMovie forum is full of complaints, and blogs like on NewsVine or here and even the well known Apple-head David Pogue is dissing iMovie ‘08 like there’s no tomorrow. Make sure you read David’s article.

Apple did a boo-boo with the release of iMovie ‘08. And the worst part is, I don’t believe that they ever had any plans to add back the missing features, like the timeline, in future versions. Their current UI design reveals to me that they never had any such plans. Well, that’s what you get for not doing market research and check HOW your users are using your software. I wish that they were to add some HD fixes and AVCHD support on iMovie ‘06 and that would just be enough for most people. There was no reason for the complete rewrite of Frankenstein’s “iMovie ‘08″.