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At the beginning of our relationship we were like most young couples: we would occasionally argue about stuff and we would have about 2-3 major fights per year. But as years go by, things are getting so much smoother. Sure, there is some arguing every now and then that fades away 5 minutes later, but we haven’t had a big fight for more than a year now.

Either we are getting old and too bored to fight (scientifically: sex drive dying), or we learn about and love each other more and more every day. It’s so great being married to the most beautiful man in the world (even if he was a bit grumpy in the pictures ;-) ).

Stanford University

A view of the Stanford campgrounds at Palo Alto, CA, USA. We spent about an hour there yesterday with JBQ and on the way back we stopped at Suraj, an Indian restaurant with lovely lamb dishes, for dinner.

Video shot with a Canon HV20 HD camcorder, a fluid tripod head, an ND-6 filter, a polarizer and Tiffen’s “soft” HDTV/FX-3 filter at 1/60 shutter speed but with variable exposure & aperture settings. 720p HD version of the video available here (”save as” link, 180 MB), or view it via Flash video below.

The video portion is licensed under the Creative Commons ‘Attribution’ 3.0 License. Feel free to chop, remix and re-use the visuals the way you want to as long as the copyright is kept intact and credit is given where is due. However, the audio portion of the video (song “Meant to Be” from the album “Woods of Chaos”) was used after specifically receiving permission by its artist, Rob Costlow. To license Rob’s beautiful music please check or Magnatune.

Update: Of course, that’s “Stanford Campus”. not campground. :P

Best gadgets you could own for the money

Below is a list of gadgets that you should be owning if you already haven’t, given that their prices are fair for the features they bring:

* If you already don’t own a smartphone, get one. The cheapest, but at the same time most well-crafted all-around smartphones are the Nokia Symbian S60 3.1 ones. I would recommend either the Nokia 6120 or the Nokia 5700 as they are the cheapest of all for the features they offer — while running the latest version of the operating system.

* A camcorder. If you just need “a” camcorder, get the Canon ZR800 ($230). If you need HD, then don’t even think getting anything else other than the Canon HV20 ($800). Consumers get it because the Indies get it, and the Indies get it because it’s cheap for what it does.

* Sony MDR-W20 in-ear-but-over-the-head headphones for sports. I can’t find any picture of it online, but we bought a pair yesterday at Frys for just $14, and quality/loudness was extremely good. Better than some other headphones that sell for much more. It’s the only “in-ear” model that actually fits in my ears.