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Software sucks, Part III

I hate it, hate it, hate it. God damn it, consumer software sucks.

I am extremely frustrated right now. Apparently, Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8a has a bug, and no matter which codec you pick under the .mov or .avi exporting options, the aspect ratio always ends up being 4:3. Even if you tell it that your want the aspect ratio of your HDV 1440x1080i clip to be 1.333, it won’t take it into account during exporting. The only exporting dialog that DOES take it into account, is .wmv, but WMV is pretty useless to me because it is lossy and because other playback apps usually have an A/V sync issue when trying to play WMV (including YouTube).

More over, I can’t export as 1920×1080 in order to avoid the anamorphic mess (who came with the shitty anamorphic idea originally?) because the app prohibits exporting anything above HDV resolutions (only Vegas Pro allows that).

So, all I can hope to do is export as lossless 4:3 my HDV clip and then load it to the very popular MediaCoder to re-encode it with the right aspect ratio, right? Wrong. MediaCoder does not recognize any of the lossless formats offered by Vegas (I won’t bite to use plain uncompressed, sorry). And if that was not enough, after actually being forced to export to WMV and then load it to Mediacoder, it reveals a bug on Mediacoder where HDV and HD resolutions will error-out at the end of encoding with “can’t mux audio and video together” (no matter what encoder/backend/source you use).

I see it everyday, there is no question about this: as long as you want to do anything more complex than emailing, using a calculator and a text editor SOFTWARE DOES NOT WORK AS IT SHOULD. In fact, scratch that: emailing doesn’t really work either.