Nokia 770 on FF4 movie

Did anyone notice the Nokia 770 featured a number of times in the Fantastic Four sequel? Talk about product placement… Anyways, a review of the FF sequel I wrote is here.


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Eugenia wrote on June 22nd, 2007 at 10:04 AM PST:

Too many “maybes” Mike. “Maybes” that are not explained anywhere or referenced in the movie are bad direction, plain and simple. The movie was simply not well thought-out in terms of logic. It was like that the director was brain damaged or something.

I remembered another fluke: When Evans said “but I just bought this tux”, it is 100% certain that he doesn’t wear his suit underneath (because if he did, the elevated neck thing of the suit would have been visible, plus his suit would look weird). And yet, when Surfer throws him down from the stratosphere, he has his full body suit worn. Stupid. It’s details like these that piss me off. It doesn’t feel believable because of small things like that, not because super-heroes don’t exist.

>Why don’t you complain about…

I have. But it’s one thing to use sci-fi non-believable things, and ANOTHER to fuck it up on every-day things that even a dog understands, like extreme wind not moving the hair! That was just plain stupid, come on.

mikesum32 wrote on June 22nd, 2007 at 9:59 AM PST:

*Spoilers be here*

Why not get a rubber stamp ? It would make your review so much easier.

You could have one that says, “It sucks,” and another that says “I found numerous flaws and gaping holes, but can tolerate it.” :-D

In fact I found the first one was a little slow, and the second one was action packed. I’ll have to keep an eye out next time to see if I catch any of the physical contact between the Human Torch and his sister that you mentioned. Of course they might’ve been close, but not touching. The difference between Dr. Doom and the Human Torch is that the Torch was touched by his hand but Dr. Doom was zapped. Did he even touch any of the Fantastic 4 ? The surfer healed the Invisible Woman too, but this time it was on purpose, maybe Dr. Dooms healing and the Human Torch’s power shifting was just a random side effect of the use of the Surfer’s powers, or maybe he didn’t really want to kill anymore so that’s why Doom was healed.

As for the shouting over the wind and minimal hair blowing, maybe the Silver Surfers board and body has a field that affect the wind or Sue used a weak forcefield ? Maybe they have little radios you don’t see built into the suits. Anyway, that’s just the way about all movies are made, you suspend disbelief because all movies have flaws. Maybe they have little radios you don’t see. Why don’t you complain about Star Trek:TNG and its explosion-sounds in space ? What about transporters and warp drive ? Compared to those, hair flutter and voice volume seem entirely believable.

Now off to sleep.

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