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Ok, I promise, this is the last blog post about “Lost” for a long while. Below, please find blog posts about Lost’s recent finale, written by Greeks. If you have never watched “Lost”, please do read through some of the blog posts (and their comments) and if you can get your hands on the series, start from the very beginning (under no circumstances start watching from the middle, because “Lost” is a puzzle-mystery).

Stormrider, this is mostly written for you (because I really think you would like the show)! :)
So, here we go:
Greek Charm
Andreas (Lost+24)

On another note, this editorial (in english) hits the nail in the head when comparing the finales of Lost and Heroes:

“Meanwhile Lost went the absolute opposite direction, delivering a finale that was a complete mindfuck, an ending that no one could have guessed six weeks ago. That’s because the producers know that the fans of Lost – intelligent, literate people, mostly – love the sense of excitement that comes from having expectations challenged, not met. The crowd that loves Heroes is the same crowd Robert Zemeckis cuts his trailers for – the people who want to know exactly what they’re getting when they walk into a theater, the people who choose McDonalds over local food when traveling for that same reason. These people are the lowest common denominator, and Heroes shovels its shit into their happily gaping maws on a weekly basis.”

Exactly. ‘Lost’ did one bad thing to me, it set the bar so high that I can’t watch anything else on TV with pleasure anymore. It’s TV entertainment done right.

UPDATE: At our home, we love Pete’s humor. Pete is a former co-worker of my JBQ’s and these days he is working for Apple (it seems that 90% of our friends here in the Valley work either at Apple or Google!). Pete blogged about the recent momentous finale of “Lost”, but man, I hadn’t read his last year’s “Lost” blog post! Amazing humor, and bloody spot on! Must read!

Update 2: I updated my “Lost 101” guide. Beware of the spoilers in the “main plot” section though, so don’t read that particular section if you have plans to watch the show from the beginning in the near future.

UPDATE 3: Oh. My. God. If you are Greek, check these two (1, 2) Greek Lost parody videos on YouTube. My belly hurts because from the laughs!


This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on May 26th, 2007 at 11:59 AM PST:

>BattleStar Gallactica in terms of quality is very close to Lost

Dunno… many things don’t make any sense in Galactica. For example, they get into a perfectly habitable planet and there are no animals? And if they were, why everyone was so gloomy about it when they got to that planet that they stayed on for 1 year? Why not stay there (if Cylons hadn’t found them) instead of raving about finding Earth over and again? And some of their technology is very advanced and another is too old even for us today?

And all the off-beat beliefs about God, re-incarnation and such. Galactica is mostly a religious-war show set in space rather than real sci-fi IMO. You would think that people (and robots) with such technology would be free of religious crap. I mean, the beef that the Cylons have against the humans is primarily that the humans believe in many Gods instead of one, rather than anything else. :o

>I was not very impressed with the finale

Lost’s or Galactica’s? Because I liked both. The next year of Lost will feature ‘both kinds of flashbacks’ (I am trying to not spoil it), so it was a great setup as to what it’s coming up next season. My theory is that by the end of the 4th season, we would have catch up with the timeline and so the 5th season will be “real time”. And Galactica arriving at their destination, was at last, good news for that show too.

papo wrote on May 26th, 2007 at 11:39 AM PST:

Actually Eugenia I think..that BattleStar Gallactica in terms of quality is very close to Lost, I would dare to say that when it comes to num of has less, and it is sci-fi (geek enough), and it has interesting story..and it has..Caprica 6 (ok that one is for boys only :P )

I was not very impressed with the finale – of the season.Not the episodes ..but the actually meaning!

mikesum32 wrote on May 27th, 2007 at 5:46 AM PST:

Liking Heroes does not mean I like McDonalds. McDonalds blows.

Sugar wrote on May 27th, 2007 at 10:26 AM PST:

I still haven’t watched the final episode of Lost and I must say, I’m impressed of all the reactions I’ve read on Web.

It’s like you said: Lost exploded my standards bar to high heavens. I don’t think I can watch any other series now.

I tried Heroes. Fun story, but it still looked and felt watered down and poorly conducted compared to Lost damp jungle curiosities.

papo wrote on May 28th, 2007 at 9:16 AM PST:

I was talking about Lost’s finale, I really didnt like the idea of back to the future flashback..anyway!

when it comes to B.S I really like this projection on religion wars. I mean if you think about it, that kind of conflicts exist nowdays ..still in humanity , even though now religious wars as just mask-s for other..initiatives ;)

I loved Galactica’s finale, I am really waiting for the new episodes.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on May 28th, 2007 at 10:27 AM PST:

>I really didnt like the idea of back to the future

It wasn’t back, it was forward. Season 4 will have BOTH flashbacks and flashforwards. It is part of the plan…

>that kind of conflicts exist nowdays

This is exactly my problem. Galactica is set in an advanced technologically set, not to “nowdays”. This is why it loses all its reality factor for me.

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