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Last “Lost” blog post, I promise (I hate being repetitive, but man, the show rocks). ABC just released a 2-minute promo of the next Lost episode here. In the snippet we learn that the losties were not part of a “list”. It is apparent that the Others were only abducting the survivors that were on a specific “list”. It seems that the actual plan was to land the Oceanic plane on a runway in the island, get the people they needed, and let the rest go. But when Desmond failed to enter the numbers, the magnetic field of the island went berserk and so the plane was cut in pieces instead of landing. This is also why the Others imposed borders to the losties in the island (they had to deal with them in one way or another), and also why the pilot was killed in the second episode by the smoke monster so abruptly: so he wouldn’t talk! Intriguing, no?

I also realized why I like Lost more than Heroes: it’s the characters. If a lostie dies, I would feel the pain. Heck, I even care what do they eat, or how they protect themselves from the rain! If a hero dies though, I don’t seem to care at all, because they have new heroes pretty much on each episode! Heroes seems to be all about the plot, while Lost is about the characters in the short term and the plot only in a longer term. Despite this, Lost keeps me at the edge of my seat, while Heroes –although enjoyable– has failed to do so.

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OriginalFB42 wrote on March 10th, 2007 at 1:30 AM PST:

Excellent observations. LOST has dared to break the mold of television by slowing down the pace, which leads to a more intimate experience for the viewer. The problem…because it doesn’t fly at the pace of Heroes or 24, peeps have been getting impatient…I wrote a post comparing LOST to a novel…we are barely past the halfway point in the novel. The best is yet to come.

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