Pixel pusher

I can never understand how people like Jimmac put vector icons and 3D images together. They look to me so otherworldly difficult to construct. I find it difficult to conceptualize their creation step by step! However, I am not all that useless with graphics. I am a pretty good pixel pusher. I can go pixel by pixel and “draw” an icon or a small graphic (like the ones below that I created last year), or even manipulate existing pictures for web usage (e.g. to be well-optimized for a site). But creating life-alike vector/3D images from scratch still remains a mystery to me on how to go about it.

From left to right: Palm V, Pocket PC, Zaurus 5500

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mikesum32 wrote on March 3rd, 2007 at 9:46 AM PST:

What, no hand link :-)

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