Chit chat

I don’t really know anyone in our apartment complex. I am generally difficult to make new acquaintances (neither I feel the need to) but thing is, there are not many interesting people here so I never bothered to get to know them. However, I have noticed the family next door in few occasions, mostly because of their child who would come and ring our door bell for no reason.

Fast forward to today. Our… toilet got broken (water was not pumping in) so the resident plumber comes in to fix it. Very nice chap, but hey, he does like to chit chat: “So, you got new neighbors now… the previous family left… they divorced… yeah, didn’t do well together… the woman moved to LA to find a new job“.

Thanks God I don’t frequent hairdressers either. They don’t stop yammering from the beginning to end. I now cut my own hair so I can avoid them.

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