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One last note on the iPhone

Ok, I promise, a last blog post on the iPhone. I like what the current model has hardware-wise, but I am not happy with its software features. In detail my software-specific needs:
TenGO-like keypad. The current one is slow to type because you have to target precily for keys.
– Native SDK (not just JS Widget crap)
– A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth support
– SIP+Skype+iChat voice support (if no SIP, no cake)
– Multi-IM [and MMS] support
– I want it unlocked

And a hardware-specific wishlist (even if I had to pay a premium):
– 480×852 480p HDTV 4″ resolution (by adding some thickness to the device they can implement this slightly bigger screen without making it longer, as there is some space to trim out from the top and bottom)
– triband 3G
– GPS in hardware
– VGA video call camera
– User replaceable battery
– 3.2 MP camera with a flashlight
– Mini-usb connector instead of the iPod connector

Having said that, software is my big beef with the iPhone, not that much its current hardware. If Apple adds the software features I need, I would buy it, even if the hardware requirements are not met for until the next model. But man, no TenGO-like keypad and no SDK, I can’t forgive that.

Oh, well, I already own an iPhone anyway. I even reviewed it a few weeks ago… ;-)

UPDATE: I made a few calculations to make sure that my aspect ratios are correct, and apparently there is enough space on the current model to stick a 4″ higher res, true wide screen (although the device might need to become a bit thicker in order to fit the rest of the electronics). There is space for the video-call camera too (these are usually very small cameras and they fit fine even in less space on other phone models, e.g. some made by Nokia).

Image removed, email me if you wanna see it.