A rant on Motorola Ming’s ‘update’

Motorola today announced an ‘update’ on the Motorola Ming phone that will have EDGE in it. Well, this just does it. The Ming was always capable of using EDGE, but Motorola had disabled this in their firmware on purpose. Originally, the quad-band usage was also disabled, but they enabled that in handsets released after June 2006 (they had updated firmware versions in them). It’s really weird how Motorola would say that they “updated” their phones, while in reality all they did was to release a new minor firmware update as they normally do every 2 months or so. Ming users were able to enable EDGE on their phones using a hex editor since the hack was originally posted last August on the MotorolaFans forums.

And btw, *all* the Motorola phones that run Linux are just re-hashes of the exact same hardware design. For the last 2-3 years, the Motorola Linux phones have seen minimal hardware updates and very lukewarm firmware updates in terms of new features. I mean, there was even that Chinese hacker who was able to simply flash his ROKR E2 phone with the Motorola Ming firmware (two supposedly very different offerings, one a PDA touchscreen and the other one a music feature phone)! I think that Asian Motorola office doesn’t have more than 5 people working on stuff. Only that would explain the lack of innovation and real progression on their Linux phones.

Of course, their native SDKs are still closed, despite Motorola’s assurance that they will be released so developers can write apps. Motorola makes me sick.

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