Archive for September 21st, 2006

Social Bookmarking

I have put together the most important social bookmarking sites that can help spread the word of your blog or news site. All you need to do now is this:
1. Steal this HTML code and add it somewhere in your own blog.
2. Save one by one the little icons from the page above and FTP them on your site, under an /images/ folder.
3. Edit that source code to search-and-replace the {permalink_link} & {the_title} text with your URLs and titles of your articles (or their equivelant variables). Keep them as is only if your blog is on Blogsome or your WordPress blog uses “Smarty Tags”.

Please note that in my list of social bookmarking the following sites are not included, because they have such a low traffic that they would just take space on your site, they won’t yield any respectable results:, connotea,, feedmelinks, smarking, tailrank, link-a-gogo. So, I didn’t bother with these. I might look back at them if they get into the top-20,000 of Alexa in the future.

And BTW, on a similar note, it makes me sick that Netscape’s Digg clone requires to create a new account and it won’t work with AIM credentials! Talk about interoperability within the same organization…

World War III

If USA won’t change its imperalistic behavior (that has put into difficult position even its closest friends), within 20-30 years we will have to go through a WWIII. Chances are that USA won’t want to let go of its grip on power. And as Einstein once said “I don’t know how the third world war will be fought but I do know that the fourth one will be fought with sticks and stones.

Lost Email

I am devastated. I lost all email from Nov 2005 onwards. I haven’t made a backup (although it was a regular thought in my mind) and the “compacting” procedure of Outlook Express with over 70,000 emails in my “Archive Folder” failed. I have done compacting in the past and it didn’t fail. But this one time it did.

I installed Thunderbird right after that and I imported my Outlook folders (1.2 GB of data overall, after the loss of data). The imported “Archive Folder” loads in about 4 minutes after you click it, while it takes Outlook Express just 4 seconds to go through it. This is unacceptable and it makes Thunderbird unusable. Don’t even get me start about all these imported emails that date from either 1969 or 2101. Sure, Outlook Express has f*cked up once in all these years (and maybe for a good reason, because the internal file system of the dbx archive files is FAT16 and that can’t be over 1.6 GBs of data or it might get corrupted — and I knew that), but Thunderbird craps up on you from the moment you install it and it’s slow as molasses. So, back to Outlook Express, even with the danger of losing some email in the distant future (I will be making backups from now on). The Mozilla Foundation can wipe my ass with Thunderbird.

The only thing that sucks really is that I lost email addresses from important companies like Apple, addresses that I used in order to go into special events or to get review units. Professionally-wise, I am now back to 2005. Sucks hard. I wanted to kill my fish. I didn’t.