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SuSE engineer needs to get a clue

I am so f*cking pissed off atm with a SuSE engineer: Thomas Renninger.

For two months now I am providing the requested debug logs to fix a bug where the kernel 2.6 just doesn’t load up without passing the “nolapic” parameter. At the very end, after he has all the debugging info he needs, he will reply: “this is an old machine, it’s probably a BIOS bug, I won’t fix”. And this on a machine that kernel 2.4 worked perfectly, Windows/BeOS/BSD work perfectly, and only kernel 2.6 fails. You know, he is right on one thing. It IS probably a BIOS bug, but a modern OS must be intelligent enough to recognize such failures and find workarounds in order to deliver the right experience. Isn’t the Linux guys who say that it supports more older machines that Windows doesn’t?

MY ASS. People should stop believe such f*cking hype. Most GNU/Linuces require more special hardware and more RAM than Windows. In its popular configurations (RH, SuSE, Ubuntu, Mandriva) it’s a bloated piece of shit. And it shows every f*cking day.

And no, I am not unhappy because my pet bug wasn’t fix. It’s because it seems that these guys seem to have no product management and the engineers have no clue about real world marketing and what the userbase expects from their product. While as a power user I understand that messing with ACPI and buggy BIOSes is a pain in the ass for an engineer, my alter ego, the Joe User, expects this machine to work out of the box exactly because every other OS supports it. For the Joe User, this is a failure of Linux, plain and simple.