Describing one of my (?) past lives

In the danger of get labeled a wacko I describe below one of my experiences with past life regressions that I did about 7 years ago. Please note that I do not believe in past lives. I believe that when we die, we die for good. However, a past life regression (via the auto-relaxation method rather than hypnotism) was always interesting to me for some undefined geek/curiocity reason, so I thought I try anyway. And I did. If what I “saw” was real or bullshit, I leave it as an exercise to the reader. Feel free to make a movie out of it if you want. :P

In that life, I was a man. I lived on Earth, but in the past (or, I think it was the past as past lives are supposedly not always linear). Children are given up by their parents in young age to schools and other institutions to get brought up. At young age everyone gets an implant behind their head. It serves as a telepathy accelerator: humans are not using common phonetic language anymore, in fact, it is regarded as bad manners to use the ‘old way’ (”only animals and wild people are using sounds to communicate”, our teacher would insist).

Most of the buildings were in pyramid-shape. Some of them, were huge. Whole cities in one pyramid-shape building! That was the building that my “college” was housed too as a teenager. I had a very small white room: just a single bed, a desk and chair on the right, and some storage above it.

I fall in love. I got the girl at my room, I remember seeing her sitting on my lap and we were playing computer games. Here’s the interesting part: the computer didn’t have a screen, but rather it was fully hollographic. Also, there was no local storage: all computers were interconnected and were accumulating data via a real fast link.

Fast forward a few years: I get my first assignment, somewhere in today’s Saudi Arabia. It’s not a desert at that time, but a place resembling of south Europe in terms of vegetation. I get rounded by the “wild people”. These people look exactly how our today’s ancestors of 10-12,000 years ago would. Apparently, my “kind of people” are the only advanced civilization on Earth, the rest are living in caves. My co-workers are shooting the wild people and free me.

A few more years in the future: I am one of the engineers working on a new model of a spaceship. It also has a pyramid-shape. It is the first one that can go even faster when travelling in sub-space: a dimension that bends the space as we know it and travels faster through the galaxy. Usually, it only takes a month to get from one planet to another.

On one of my trips with the ship we go to a planet where there is life. At first, it looks like a compatible planet in terms of air, water and gravity, but later our crewmen get sick. Apparently, there is a virus indigenous to this place that our bodies can’t handle. Many of our crewmen die, some don’t. I am among the lucky ones.

Most of my life is full of work. I don’t think I ever had any relationship (not sure if they were even allowed). I die alone, in my chair, at around 120 years old.

After death, as a spirit, I wander around. My civilization believed in Gods: some really tall (about 10 meters tall) creatures that actually exist and make public appearances. What better way to go see these “Gods” now that I am dead? Here’s where I get a cold shower as a believer: these “Gods” are nothing but aliens that are anatomically as tall by nature, and they were prisoners. They were clowns, placed there so my people had something to “believe in” to fill their empty lives. And who were behind this circus? Here’s the even bigger surprise: the Greys. They were the true rulers of my world. Rulers that no one knew about. Greys are able to sense my presense as a spirit, and they chase me away.

It’s time to move on, to another life. And you, the reader, should stop reading all this crap. While this is indeed what “I saw” during the session 7 years ago, I don’t believe a word out of it (which is why I write about it: if it was true I would cherish the experience and keep it private). Without evidence that such a civilization ever existed on Earth, I can only denote this experience as a dream, or simply as wild imagination.

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Tom Dison wrote on June 6th, 2006 at 2:20 AM PST:

…and all the computers ran BEOS.

Thom Holwerda wrote on June 6th, 2006 at 12:34 PM PST:

I won’t reply, you know how I feel about… Stuff like this ;) .

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on June 6th, 2006 at 12:42 PM PST:

I agree: it’s all bullshit. However, I had to try, cause I am a curious person by nature.

The only thing that I can’t really explain though was that while I was fully aware of my surroundings while in auto-relaxation mode (it’s not hypnotism, it’s a different technique), my closed eyes were moving like crazy. I was in REM, while I was fully awake…

Ned wrote on June 6th, 2006 at 12:59 PM PST:

Hi Eugenia,

don’t call it bullshit. It’s great that you don’t want to conform with one stupid mind-set, but then it’s not very intelligent to mindlessly conform with another one, just because it’s the one your friends subscribe to. The truth is that at the moment you just can’t say – why not leave it at that?
I studied medicine and experienced firsthand that a lot of what passes for science is sheer superstition. It’s very hard to get out of that trap – and not fall immediately into another one …

I’m writing this ‘cause I used to read a lot of your comments on OSNews and in your blog, and though not always agreeing with you, I always liked – and like – the way you put your views across: it looks to me that you do your best to be a free and independent human being, and this is something one only can support. This posting is meant in that direction. And, regarding past lives: I personally don’t believe in them – but that’s just my opinion. Fact is that I don’t know.
Love and best wishes to you, and your husband, from a stranger!

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