KDE vs Gnome popularity

After the “fall” of MandrakeSoft and the “absorbance” of SuSE at Novell, KDE has lost lots of its professional engineers that used to work on the DE full time for their distros. However, while its development has being toned down a bit compared to the past (Gnome fairs even worse in this department anyway), its third party applications have flourished.

One of the ways to see this is by comparing the two main software repositories for the two DEs: kde-apps.org and gnomefiles.org. KDE not only has many more third party apps than Gnome has (there are about 1000 active GTK+ apps out there today) but it also has a healthier and more upbeat development community (mostly because Qt and Qt Designer are more usable than GTK+ and Glade). This is reflected in the popularity of the two sites too. Kde-apps.org has literally gone into the sky the past few months, with over 100,000 pageviews per day! Gnomefiles is doing better too than in the past, but has not more than 25-28,000 pageviews daily, even if the site is pretty much the only gtk-only repository online (there is also gnome-apps.berlios.de too, but it is unmaintainable).

When we announced gnomefiles on OSNews 2 years ago (which came to be after the Gnome.org server hacking that put an end to the official Gnome software repository), apparently the kde-apps.org maintainer became grumpy about it and soon after we got comments on osnews (originating from a German IP) that Gnomefiles… copied them! Which is of course bullshit as the two sites share ZERO design and usability concepts. Gnomefiles is a CLONE of BeBits.com, and not of kde-apps.org. Apparently, behind their grumpiness was a business reason: they had just launched gnome-look.org and they were getting ready to launch gnome-apps.org/com too. And Gnomefiles’ own launch just put a halt into their business plans. To this day, 2 years later, they still don’t link gnomefiles.org from gnome-look.org’s link page (while we do link to them).

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