Slashdot’s mobile page

I am sad.

Slashdot’s mobile ability became much worse after their switch to CSS. Rendering the page now requires lots more CPU time and phone/PDAs are *fighting* to render it. I received my Sony PSP today, and it requires up to 2 minutes to manage to render the whole thing. And when it does, it looks like ASS. No, it’s not just the amount of KBs to blame, but the heavy CSS and complex code involved too. Additionally, their mobile support is based on the browser’s ability to “understand” the media=”handheld” CSS property, which only very few browsers support. I replied to CmdrTaco’s blog a few months ago about it, nothing much happened since then.

There is one more sad thing. As you know, on Thursday I had a meeting with Nokia engineers. They showed me their latest S60 browser for Symbian, which is based on Safari’s WebCore. Well, guess what: their 312 Mhz ARM CPUs also require 1-2 minutes to render the new Slashdot (yes, the downloading speed was fast, the rendering was not). And as Netfront on the PSP, it also looks equally BAD. I wonder, don’t the Slashdot web developers have a PDA or a phone to test with?!?

And the last sad thing of the day: the previous, non-CSS, version of Slashdot was not mobile-friendly in terms of design (you had to scroll horizontally a bit), but it was RENDERABLE. The new version is just not.

Yes, I am aware of btw, but thing is, very-very few slashdot users know of that URL. Slashdot does not advertise it enough. Their loss. And it kinda pisses me off, because I am a slashdot fan and I have offered my help in the past to get them proper mobile support similar to OSNews (which has the best, automatic mobile support on the net today). CmdrTaco has pretty much declined my (free) offer that others get for a fee (while Hemos was a bit more forthcoming IIRC).

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