The VoIP mess

Oh, God, VoIP is such a mess right now. There are a gazillion of these small companies releasing new VoIP software EVERY day. And most of them are incompatible with other similar solutions, creating one new big chaos in communications. I mean, what’s the freaking point if you are using Skype, and you can’t talk to any SIP or H323 client, Gizmo or Stanaphone or SJPhone or iGlance or Yak or VoIPBuster or FWD or Asterisk or Vonage or DialPad or Firefly or Xten or X-Lite or EyeBeam or SipGate or IPphone or UbiPhone or Net2Phone or QQ2005 or Nortel or VoiceService or 263ETPro or Gnomemeeting or Linphone or any other VoIP app? I mean, look at the Slashdot comments on the launch of the Yak Communicator. All comments is about “yes, but my XYZ VoIP solution is better”. There are so many VoIP solutions out there that they have completely broke apart that market. And so they are all losers because now it’s like having a cellphone that doesn’t work with another person’s cellphone. Useless!

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