Headphones :(

mmm…. 🙁 mmm…. >:(

So, the Bluetooth stereo headphones are here. Only that they don’t work with my crappy Linux smartphone. They pair ok, the phone “sees” them as a headset but soon after connecting to the headphones and listening to music for about 3 seconds, the phone breaks the connection. No matter what I try, it won’t work with them properly.

And that’s such a big shame, because these Bluetooth stereo headphones are not only good for music, they can be used as a handsfree, as they have an internal microphone. And this Linux smartphone is one of the VERY FEW phones that suppor the A2DP protocol. Well, apparently it doesn’t do it very well.

The whole thing pissed me off so much that I then went to Frys and bought some good Sony headphones and a handsfree wired kit. The headphones from Sony are good, but the handsfree blows. Again, the Linux smartphones doesn’t recognize them as a handsfree, but as a… stereo speaker only.

It fucking sucks. Never, ever again, Linux phones. Stay fucking away. There is a fucking reason why Nokia are No1.

On other news, my husband was close to buying a new iPod Video and a pair of even better headphones than mine (see: expensive), but he decided against it at the last minute when he discovered that none of the ipods support gapless playback, so far. There is even a petition with 6,000 signatures to get gapless playback and Apple still hasn’t implemented that.

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