The shape of things to come

Oh, my God.

Nokia just released three AMAZING handsets, based on the updated Symbian S60 UI with the new zoom-capable web browser. ALL new Nokia handsets now have big cameras, really high-res displays, WiFi, second video camera for video calls, 3G, good video playback support, and they are quad band. The next big thing on phones (in a year or so), it will be hard/flash drives in the order of 2 to 8 GBs. No matter how many osnews readers say that they want “just a phone”, all phone companies are strive to offer amazing features. Apparently, they sell, otherwise, companies wouldn’t spend R&D creating them.

I am so getting the Nokia N80. Definitely. Hopefully it has support for bluetooth v2.0 and a profile for the A2DP.

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