Firefly: The DVDs

Wow, my JBQ bought for me the Firefly DVDs and he didn’t even tell me that he did so! I opened the Amazon box that arrived earlier today, and I am in awe! Thank you my little mushroom! 🙂

*UPDATE:* Oh, my God! 8 hours of Firefly so far! My brains will explode! 🙂

*UPDATE 2:* I get that feeling a lot lately that SciFi Channel would want to buy over Firefly and make a new tv series out of it (especially since there won’t be a new movie based on it). I hope SciFi channel won’t do that. Joss Whedon won’t work for a usually low-badget SciFi Channel series and that would mean that a new producer would have to come on board. And given the fact that very few people “get” Firefly/Serenity, that would be nearly a catastrophy equally to Rick Berman getting Star Trek’s steering wheel after Roddenberry’s death. If SciFi channel can pull over an equal quality Firefly series, I am all for it, but I don’t think they have the budget or the writers to do that.

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