IrDA done too…

Ok, I managed it. Apparently, the IrDA driver wouldn’t load (nsc_ircc module) if I wouldn’t “setserial /dev/ttyS2 uart none” first, even if the IrDA stack was loaded (bug?).

Now, my very old PalmV is able to browse the internet at 10 KB/sec through my Sony Vaio’s infrared port (and I also made the USB/serial connectivity to work tonight too). I am using AvantGo 4.2 (no other ‘good’ browser exists for PalmOS 3.5.3) and it was really slow loading osnews’ mobile page (28 KBs), and so I… overclocked my PalmV to 24 Mhz (from 16 Mhz).

The PalmV was a wonderful PDA back in 1999, many say that this is the best PDA Palm ever released. Its only shortcoming: just 2 MBs of RAM. Users were really unhappy about that and so Palm the next year released the PalmVx which had 8 MBs of RAM (and was 20 MHz — other than that they are identical).

And now, it’s time to sleep. Time is 8 AM here and I haven’t slept all night, working on this thing.

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