Arnie as a governor

Last night I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger on TV, he apparently gave a speech a few miles away from where we live. The report also showed that Arnie put real theatrical “shows” in his recent speeches, complete with theatrical scenery! It made politics look even worse than it already is. Then, a journalist asked him about all this crap, and Arnie replied “[…], you should be even paying to see the show”.

Thing is, WE DO pay, we, Californians (even if I am not a citizen, I do pay taxes). All the CRAP he used for his latest speeches cost Californians real money. I am really pissed at Arnold not only doing all that clown shows that are really innapropriate and silly, but also have the indecency (or stupidity more like it) to say “you should be paying to see all that”.

I am starting to think that Arnold was really not a good choice for a governor.

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