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The Grammys

so, I watched some of the Grammys show tonight. Am I getting too old and I can’t “get” this music anymore? I did not like ANY of the songs that were performed there or won a grammy. I quite liked the Janis Joplin song, but I think that was about it.

They don’t make music as they used to anymore.

valentine’s day

We spent Valentine’s day tonight as tomorrow is a working day and we would both be tired by the evening. My beloved husband bought for me a bracelet with real pearls. Isn’t he a real sweetheart? 🙂

No car charger for my Dell PDA though. ;D

Now that I write this btw I am watching Jennipher Lopez with Mark Anthony singing together in the Grammys. It sucks. Extremely kits song and sets. Lopez’ dress sucks too. It makes her look fat (or pregnant.)